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          Nie Dong grinned and spoke without turning his head around, So you do have some sensibilities still? Why didn't you continue to wear your disguise in the institute instead? You didn't want to help me when I asked a few days ago, why are you here now?


          Mo Fan collected his thoughts after the furious speech. He glared at the Elemental Director who was so respected by the students.

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          The Judges of the Magic Court rebuked him when they saw him trying to grab the Councilman's hand. They tried to push him away.

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          It was as though this guy was on steroid. He would have leftover energy every single day, and it seemed like he was familiar with doing everything.


          Wei Rong collected his thoughts and called the next person's name with a long face.

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          It was wise for him to examine his attitude closely. Sometimes, you shouldn't totally believe a woman's words...

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          The octagonal ice trap was fully constructed, and was shrinking toward the center. It turned into a transparent steel cage, putting the Fiery Sorceress under a total freeze. The Calamity Fire on her body was extinguished too.

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          Wu Pingjing, you're still too naive. You're still treating everything as black and white... Luo Mian said in an elderly manner, while fondling his beard.

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          However, for some reason, the kid's mind was a lot stronger than that of an ordinary Intermediate Magician. He managed to struggle for a few more seconds...

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