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          Yeah, it feels like only one in ten is going to make it out alive...I'm starting to regret my decision coming here.


          The Totem Seal flickered on his badly mutilated flesh. The Black Totem Snake leapt and swam up into the sky, drawing a huge, glowing seal along his trail.

          • Pretium commodo

            He did not say it, as he was hoping that he had misunderstood his brother. Otherwise, Mo Fan would surely stay with him, just in case someone tried to murder him. He would not have ended up in his current situation, either!

          • Commodo rhoncus

            The Muse Tisu stayed behind to keep an eye on the team. The Golden-Sun Knight Haziel was there, too. Pang Lai had left, but Feng Li stayed, just in case something happened to the students.

          • 盧本偉是什么梗

            Mo Fan was having trouble landing his lightning on his target. When he decided to use an Advanced Spell, he suddenly realized that he was surrounded by silk that had appeared out of nowhere!

          • Aliquam facilisis

            Leonard was still vomiting blood. His right hand grabbed Song Qiming desperately while his left hand was pointing at the woman in the hat. He wanted to say something, yet he could not spit out even a single word...

          Laoreet vitae faucibus

          Mo Fan glanced at the orb and was quite touched.


          What the hell is the Commander of the Qinling Mountains here for? I'm busy! General Mu Da snapped.

          Dapibus magna viverra

          We'll follow you, and the most we can do is save you if your life is in danger, Zhu Meng said in a deep voice.

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          John Doe

          Zheng Tong did not die instantly after the poisonous insects burst out of his stomach. There were insects crawling out from his eye sockets too...

          Arcu leo volutpat a libero

          It was you that destroyed the relay station, right? Jiang Shaoxu asked coldly.

          Varius blandit purus

          \How useless are you knights? How could you possibly allow an intruder to sneak into the Hall of the Goddess!?\

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