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          That's good. Could you take care of the student too. Go to the fire shelter, if I remember correctly, there should be food, water and medicine there, Mo Fan told her..


          The Black Vatican enjoyed slaughter. Killing people didn't need any logic behind it, but before they killed someone, they would make sure it didn't bring them any trouble..

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          This was a Star Atlas!.

          Fire Burst, Rupture!! the girl shouted as a fireball rapidly formed within her palms.…

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            Is there even a need to include him? He doesn’t even dare to summon his Summoned beast!” Longface glanced at Mo Fan, who seemed to be an outcast.…

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            Intermediate-level Magic Equipment, they must be quite expensive! he blurted out excitedly.…

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            Awoooo! The Spirit Wolf climbed back up and shook off the little flames that were on its body.…

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            Forty-nine Stars, they became a beautiful Star Atlas under the summoning of the Star Atlas Book, these patterns didn’t just sparkle within Mo Fan’s pupils. Their traces appeared beneath his feet!…


          They were all 18 to 20 year-old girls. If you lined up their corpses, what kind of painful and enraging scene would it be?.

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          They probably wanted to escape using the underground sewers, but then…” Luo Yunbo’s voice was low..

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          Will there be an Awakening Stone?”.


          You must've been so scared that you saw wrong. The matter has already been announced, so what are you even saying?…


          In just an instant, he earned a profit of 28 million RMB. Mo Fan felt an unprecedented happiness.…

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