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          He had the same feeling when he was facing the Mountain Zombie, but the thing was, he was a lot stronger than before!.

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          I...I think I've seen this before... Chen Yi said seriously. However, she shook her head and corrected herself, I've seen something similar before!.

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          He would have trouble withdrawing the creature if he was slightly slower. Even so, it was unlikely he could Summon the Dreadful Curse Hell Hound back out to fight again!.

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          Dreadful Curse Glare! Houndman ordered..

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          Are those... Mo Fan seemed surprised..

          Even a Super Mage like Feng Zhoulong had failed to restrain him!.

          If the deities are grouped into kind and wicked, and if we are to determine the strength of each side based on the strength of faith they receive, it's pretty obvious that the evil deities possess more power than the kind gods! the young man said..

          The difference between the Commander-level and the Warrior-level was just too huge. The Flying Creek Snow Wolf was howling excitedly, as it had been a while since he had last fought a good battle!.

          After a few blows, the Black Goat General, which was initially around four meters tall, reached the ceiling of the tunnel. It continued to grow larger. The tunnel began to tremble under the pressure....


          The rocks combined into a giant serpent in the air. It flung its tail forward with great might. Its power had already surpassed that of the Advanced Spell, Eyes of the Rock Demon!.

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          He did not want to put the Flying Creek Snow Wolf in a difficult position after he was suppressed by the Dreadful Curse Hell Hounds!.

          What is it? Are you having a bad feeling about this? Mo Fan said..


          The Hillmen were not sensitive to the Shadow Element. Mo Fan managed to reach the spot where the main trunk branched off into five other trunks. He could see the distribution of the Hillmen on the roots from here..

          However, the Hillman soon grinned cruelly. It tossed the girl aside while slowly revealing its rock-hard muscles!.

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          She's very hot! Even Lingling had to stay a distance away..


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          Yu Shishi looked down at Bai Hongfei and giggled, Didn't you see how they were treating me in the day? I'm just paying back the favor!.

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          The level of the Demon Torture was surprisingly high. A normal Demon Torture would only focus on its target. The Curse would disappear once the target was out of its reach.!

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