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          Tong Li, where are you from? It seems like your hometown has the tradition of burying the dead in the place they were born. You risked your life to come here for the sake of it. You are a good man, Zhang Xiaohou said..

          The group heard some footsteps coming from the entrance. A female soldier with a huge bust was coming out with a woman in the uniform of an advisor, followed by a few high-ranked Commanders..


          Countless moths soon landed beside him and formed a stretcher to lift him up into the air..


          The Focus Necklace had come in handy. The water blue glow encapsulated Mo Fan's cursed Spiritual World. A warm sensation flowed inside Mo Fan's body. His blood began to flow again, and his muscles no longer felt stiff..

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          Each time the pitchfork landed on the ground, it would produce a tremendous shockwave, razing the structures nearby to the ground. Mo Fan gathered his demon flames in front of him to reduce the damage being inflicted on him..

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          He had a bunch of Shadow Mages on standby. Once they set up the Formation of Giant Shadow Spikes, it would prevent the young man from using Blink. Otherwise, they would never land any of their spells on him..

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          However, Dean Xiao's proposal got rid of the biggest expense of maintaining the barrier..

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