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          You're right, the coastline is struggling to hold on. It feels suffocating staying in the city. This is a fine place indeed! Not only are we closer to the nature's embrace, it feels safer too! someone yelled..

          Mo Fan's head was buzzing, and his consciousness faded away slightly. He almost fainted from the piercing cry, recovering slowly only after after the cry faded away!.




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          Video thumbnail has a link to another HTML page. Categories do not needThe young girl slowly moved out from the corner. The moonlight shone upon smooth skin that was like a delicate jade..


          You may need TemplateMo for a quick chat or send an email if you have any question about this CSS template. What's going on? Brianca asked..

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          However, the third stage was not the scariest. The defending humans would be doomed when the fourth stage brought utter darkness upon them....


          Not knowing how to mix medicines meant the lives of the members in the group would be in danger if anyone was poisoned, suffered internal injuries, or was caught by corrosive substances!.

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          The Hug of the Sacred Bear was surprisingly sturdy. It did not show any sign of collapsing, even after it was completely inside the sword vortex. Even Zhao Manyan himself was quite surprised!.


          Zoey immediately went behind Sofia and checked on her back. She noticed some red marks with bumps like chickenpox. Her condition was slightly better than Benz, but she was obviously poisoned too!.

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          Mo Fan only had the chance to cast Basic and Intermediate Spells since he was constantly chased around. He hardly had any chance to cast an Advanced Spell..


          Aren't you afraid? Heidi asked, rather confused..

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          Don't you feel it's too easy to trick these Mummies? Zhao Manyan wondered..


          The black scorpion had thick skin and sturdy flesh. The Hunters had not inflicted any injuries on it after casting a few Intermediate Spells, but the debris that Mo Fan had sped up smashed the black scorpion flat. Its pulped meat and blood oozed out of its carapace and scattered across the ground..

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