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          We sing the best Songs and now we control the world best Music.

          Perfect Melodi


          Do you know why this is called the Three Step Pagoda? the friendly student guard asked.

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          Music An Art...

          You want to act? Who can’t do that? You should first take a look at the situation of your Summoner school. You haven’t even reached fifty people, and now you’re telling me you’re going to get to two hundred?

          Melodi, A Fully Rock Album Pro

          Careful? What do you mean?” Mo Fan asked while feeling confused.


          Yes, he did! Since the start, he had not thought that his opponent would throw out an Intermediate level Lightning spell, catching him off guard. However, that did not mean that he couldn't use his magic equipment in time!


          In the next second, Hui Si, who was in the middle of running, came to an abrupt stop. His running movement and his inability to move an inch of his body formed an extremely strange posture. It looked extremely odd!


          The value of these magic items solely depend on the ones using them. But if you were to put them on sale, each and every one of these magic items here are worth at least this amount! explained Dean Xiao as he raised his hand, palm out.


          It was obvious that Li Junwei’s team was prepared. If it wasn’t for the appearance of Luo Song, they would’ve attacked one of the Summoned beasts by themselves.


          As they continued walking, there was indeed not a single problem. Occasionally, there would be a few Magical Beasts appearing. However, it looked as though they were frightened of something, and thus decided to turn around and leave.

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          Contact Us An Intermediate Magic needed to control a total of 49 Stars. By the time they finished drawing the Star Atlas, an enemy would’ve already cast a few Primary Magic spells on them.


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          At this moment, if he was to take on a mission from the Clearsky Hunter Agency, he would get at least 300,000 RMB. With his strength increased, if Mo Fan dared to directly take on an even bigger assignment, that price would be even higher!

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          Are you from Bo City?” Dean Xiao slowly took off his glasses as he gazed at Mo Fan.

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          A Warrior-class Soul Essence was worth, at the very least, ten million RMB in the market!

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          As for what the Zhao Family were able to obtain from resolving the dangers this time was not something Mo Fan was able to calculate. Even the losses by this great Aristocrat family were not something the could temporarily calculate.

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          The main reason for entering the school was to contend for resources!

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          Xu Zhaoting, are you sure you haven’t seen him in only a year?” The girl sitting next to Xu Zhaoting asked him in disbelief.


          That day was a day where the blood shed was enough to form rivers!

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          Guo Liyun originally thought that if this person Awakened a Lightning Element, he would go back home with honor in his hands. Who would’ve thought that he would’ve changed to Dark Element at the last second, and while that did fail, he got a Summoning Element out of it!


          24 Jan
          06:30 pm
          New York

          Sound Of melodi In Instrumesnts

          Finally, the quicksand was no longer a hindrance to the Spirit Wolf...

          31 Jan
          09:45 pm

          Rock Music Festival at City Life Mall

          The flames was thrown toward the location the Spirit Wolf was at. Before the Spirit Wolf was able to evade, it exploded forth. The ferocious flames exploded onto the body of the Spirit Wolf, causing him to fly several meters away. The flames was like fire as it sprinkled all over its surrounding.

          14 Feb
          10:30 am
          New Delhi

          Fashion Show Light At Hollywood

          Just when he felt as though he was struck by lightning, Mo Fan accidentally discovered there was something within the large fridge next to the wheelchair, moving around.

          31 Mar
          10:00 pm
          New Delhi

          Fashion Show Light At Hollywood

          Lingling was puzzled. In fact, she thought Mo Fan participating in the Hunter Contest in two years was still a bit early, much less taking first place!

          Who We Are?

          What we do?

          This was the Shadow domain. It was impossible to see the lights in the distance. If they were in a specific location, they'd barely be able to see their objective.

          Why choose us?

          And judging from what Mu Nujiao had pulled off, she obviously had a certain amount of understanding of the Intermediate Lightning magic, and so had set up her Wind Trails long ago.

          Where we are?

          The priority was to learn how to control the Star Atlas. If he relied on a Star Atlas Book to cast Intermediate Magic, he’d be far too slow. Furthermore, if he was to continue using the Star Atlas Books, then the stars most likely wouldn’t see him as their father anymore.

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          _My Wolf brother, if you just heal yourself, who knows how long that will take. If you meet another creature that is hostile to you at this time, you will definitely die_ , Mo Fan sent anxiously.

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