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  • 九首歌完整版

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    However, his only attack was Wind Disc. He was unable to save anyone, let alone blasting the zombies surrounding his comrades away.


    Mo Fan knelt down and carried the villager who was covered in blood on his back. The young man's face was covered in the mix of mucus from his nose and tears. His body was shivering in extreme pain.


    Heavens, only thirty kilometers away! Are we seriously going to be overrun by the undead!? yelled a middle-aged Magician.

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    Was he saying that the undead were only able to remain active in the sunlight because of the rain that had just started not long ago?


    Why don't you close the window when you go to bed? asked Ai Tutu as she glanced into Mo Fan's room.

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    The tide was dragging dead bodies, torn clothes, and zombies that happened to be in the area forward.

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