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    After arriving at Xilan Town, Mu Ningxue proceeded to look for an inn.


    Mo Fan rapidly barrelled ahead while staying close to the ice. His flame-shrouded figure was basically a burning missile ramming at the Blue Valley Ferocious Beast.

    It did not matter where Zhou Xian was trying to run to. He was scorched by the lightning on top of being severely burned by fire before. The smell of burned meat lingered in the air.


    However, he had his own principles when it came to receiving money. He had to make sure that the Blood Tribe was not related to the Black Vatican at all. He asked Leng Qing to investigate the person.

    Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Integer ut justo arcu. Nullam a semper odio. Nam et conque libero, et placerat est.

    If a curse is this strong, it must be the work of a Forbidden Magician, said Lingling.


    Lots of scorched corpses were lying still on the fields, which looked quite eerie under the street lamps along the ranches.

    Stay with me, you haven't fully recovered yet. I'm worried that something might happen to you. Guan Yu was an arrogant young master of a renowned family in front of the others, yet he would somehow turn into a considerate man around Mu Ningxue. Even his tone was a lot gentler.

    He did not expect his opponent to have the fourth-tier Thunderbolt, nor did he expect the man to have such outstanding control that he was able to hide the enormous energy of Lightning Disaster in just a single Thunderbolt...


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