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    The rain! said Mo Fan.

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    Including Shorty and a muscular guy who was his friend, the group had seven people in total: five men, two women.


    As a matter of fact, Mo Fan knew his Equipment would not make any difference, since he was unable to cast any Spells. The Armor would only buy him some time.

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    Little Flame Belle's crisp voice appeared beside Mo Fan's ear. She was telling Daddy Mo Fan that the new missile had been loaded, ready to fire at anytime!

    The Flesh Mound Corpse Official's movement speed was fairly slow. Its mouth occupied half of its entire body, like the huge entrance of a mountain, with a bottomless belly.

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      What are you actually thinking of doing? I'm just an Intermediate Magician! Don't treat me like an expert like you who can fly, jump and kill hundreds of undead with a single spell! Mo Fan was infuriated.

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      The civilians would easily become a burden if there were too many of them. Indeed, Shorty never assumed himself to be a righteous Magician with the obligation to save everyone's life.

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      She glanced at the sky and saw a thin ray of light barely making it through the rain!

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